The Property Gender Gap

Last week I was able to join a discussion with researchers of the Corelogic report Women and Property Report: One Year On

Of course, the results of the report will be of no great surprise to many women trying to enter the property market for the first time, or for the first time are a long-term relationship has ended. Males still dominate property ownership overall, however pleasingly the gap is reducing.

Part of the issue for female property ownership is the income differential that is still prevalent across the genders. However, property ownership by women has other factors to consider.

From my own insights in assisting female first time home buyers there is also the lack of confidence and not knowing when start.

And for anyone that is separated or divorced and now needs to start on the property ladder being an older single applicant has its own unique challenges.


To summarise the key points of the CoreLogic Report

· 26.6% of property in Australia had exclusively female ownership, compared to 29.9% male ownership

· men own 28.5% of all the houses analysed versus women’s share at 24.0%

· women have a higher incidence of unit ownership at 35.2% versus men’s 34.7% share

· of the investment properties identified men owned 36.4% compared to women 29.1%

Download PDF • 2.89MB

Now is the time to start those conversations about getting loan and property ready.

It might not be the the ideal time to buy but if everything is sorted before you start looking at property it will be that much less stressful.

Find a mortgage broker you are comfortable with and takes the time to help you. If they are only interested to speak with you once you are really ready to buy, perhaps look at other options.

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