I love telling clients their loan

has been approved

Daniela Pluegge-Stevens 
Mortgage Broker: Residential & Commercial

Your choice in mortgage broker is an important one.

There is no point if you do not feel comfortable with your broker, can't understand what they are explaining, or feel rushed/ pressured. 

​If you want someone that is honest about lending outcomes after doing the research for you, and takes the time to precheck (where possible) to ensure your application success, then read on.

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The "TEAM"

My service is bespoke, and I manage the process for you from start to finish.

The "team" is unashamedly an "I". 


I will be available in years to come as your needs change.

Very proudly your loan application is processed only by me.


No overseas outsourcing or virtual assistants here.


It means for you - your data is managed in house by one person.

That way I have full control of the steps and what is required and happening at any time.

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My Approach To Lending

My lending approach is based on taking time to understand you and your finances, and taking time to create your loan application.

​You may ask why is “time” so important?

It can make the difference of a successful loan application or not.

  • If I did not check credit reports, then the one with the missed annual credit card fees, or the one with identify theft and false credit enquiries, or a missed final car repayment, might all be declined loans.

  • If I did not check tax returns and match up income and query tax deductions for the business and provide an accountant letter to explain at the outset, it may be a loan that is sent back for additional information and may be delayed, or worse not approved at all as the lender decides not accept the accountant’s claimed deductions.

By taking the time at the outset to write a summary of who you are, and providing a diagram of your income sources and allowed addbacks (if you are self-employed, or earn income via different tax structures), makes it easier for the credit team to understand your application and save time in the approval process.


Time” results in a very high loan approval rate for my clients.

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Who I Am

When I am not “working”, I proudly juggle two high school boys and their sport and social lives, and home life with a husband and labradoodle.

It means although at school pick up times it might be hard to reach me, I often make appointments after hours and on weekends to fit in with your availability. [Let's be honest it works well: if you are running a business it can be hard to fit in the personal stuff during normal work hours. And if you are PAYG your employer might want you to be working during the day]

I have worked in corporate roles and thoroughly enjoyed that stage.

With over 28 years in the financial sector working from para planner, compliance manager and business development manager and the last 5 years as a mortgage broker (working to compliment my husband's financial planning services) my experience is broad.

Sharing my technical knowledge in upskilling financial advisers and presenting to their clients in client seminars was always a highlight, along with seeing my own clients flourish in financial literacy.

Focusing on lending  was the perfect complement to my skills and passion. 

I love property, educating and sharing my knowledge, and saving money. There is no greater fit. 

Perhaps my Bachelor of Economics, Diploma in Financial Planning and Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance & Investment are not technically required to be a mortgage broker.


But these qualifications have certainly helped shape the way I look at lending needs and position things for lenders in my own unique way, to achieve success for my clients.

With age comes clarity

As I have acquired more lines of wisdom on my face, I realised there is consistency in the "offer" I receive from my personal long term service providers. From legal, accounting and medical/ health, to hair and wellness, and the more "mundane" of car service. 

They are professional, authenticate, no fluff, straight shooters, proud of what they offer, and take "time".

I am the same.

No photo edited pictures, or articles written by other people, or a social media team.  What you see is me, lines of wisdom and all. What I write is from my heart and mind, no one else's.

Your won't find a rushed quick fact find, and a quick loan application sign up with a lodgement in the "hope" it will be approved here. ( If you want that we are not a match) 

I put a lot of time an effort in checking your lending amount is possible with the lender I recommend. 

You will find that I am a transparent, personable, authentic, and a reliable mortgage broker.

With one simple goal: to get you the loan approval you want.