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Allied Health Professionals

Depending on your business modality, you could find that access to a lender that understands your modality  provides a better outcome to your finance needs. 

Some lenders allow allied health professionals to borrow higher loan to valuation ratios ( ie a higher loan amount) without incurring lender's mortgage (LMI)  insurance costs. Industry bodies may lead you to believe it is only the bank they promote, that provides LMI waivers and has "special" offers.

What you may not know is other lenders may have a better interest rate for your without need to make it "special". 

If you want to relax in the knowledge all your lending  options have been considered and your overall position is better with a certain lender use a mortgage broker to compare rather then be referred to just one bank.

Your income can be unique if you work for a not for profit, or have regular overtime, or meal allowances etc. Not all lenders apply income for loan servicing in the same way.  You may prefer the comfort of knowing your lending limits were compared across several different lenders. And understand which one gives you the better outcome.

In your profession time is limited to manage personal matters.

We can complete all communications on line at a time that suits you and process the application on line.

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