Positioning Your Business For Growth

As we start a new financial year, and start the return to norm post covid 19, it can be a great time for business owners to review business operations and reassess what is needed to fulfil customer needs to continue a growth path for the future.

This level of business planning is likely to include capital expenditure requirements: whether it be a computer, a car or more substantial assets.

In the short to medium term supply chain shortages may impact on your business plants. Delays are still likely, so it is important to consider your timeline.


Asset Finance is an effective tool helping drive business growth.

Lack of capital may cause a business to delay investment in equipment or tools, this can negatively impact sales and profitability.

One of the key advantages of Asset Finance is enabling a business to buy assets without committing capital (i.e. no deposit finance is possible), in many cases the finance term can be structured over the effective life of the asset, and minimising impact on cashflow.

Asset Finance provides the business with certainty of planning and accurately assessing their operating costs as it is a fixed cost.

A large range of items used by businesses to generate income can be financed examples are (but not limited to):

  • Vehicles

  • Computer hardware / software and Office equipment

  • Specialised Medical Equipment

  • General Plant and Equipment

  • Light and Heavy Machinery

  • Farming Equipment

  • Trucks and trailers

  • Mining Equipment

  • Manufacturing Equipment

  • Specialised Medical Equipment

  • General Plant and Equipment

  • Commercial Marine Vessels and Aircraft

As with any lending product some lenders have a niche market, that other lenders may not be attracted to. Have access to a variety of lenders means you potentially have a better outcome then if you just approached a singled finance firm.

At Mandala Financial Services we are accredited with a variety of financiers that provide asset finance solutions.

This gives you options in terms of price point and available financing terms.