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Insurance Premium Funding

If you insurance premiums are over $5000 pa, you may prefer  to manage your business cashflow by spreading your insurance payments over 10 months rather then the annual amount in one go.

Insurance premium funding gets your annual cover paid upfront, and you pay the lender monthly for the number of nominated instalments.    

Funding insurance premiums frees up your working capital.

Insurance premium funding may provide cashflow relief, to manage the overall insurance costs.

Examples of insurance that can be funded:

  • #public liability insurance

  • #building insurance

  • #car insurance


You get the picture it all adds up.


Imagine if you could bundle all the insurances into a 10 monthly payments, smoothing out the insurance premium hurdle, and letting you focus on your business.

Instead of the strain of a lump sum payment, you simply make a single, more manageable payment each month. It’s an easy way to maintain your professional cover / insurance while also streamlining your cashflow.

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