Home Loan Refinance Tips

Tip 1

Identify loan features important to you

Tip 2

Identify the interest rate that suits you

Tip 3

Know the fees/ penalties that will apply for ending your current loan

Tip 4

Understand the fees that will apply to the new loan

Tip 5

Know the revert interest rate for the new loan

Tip 6

Do the numbers ( of your potential savings) or have someone do the numbers for you

Tip 7

Check your required loan amount is realistic before submitting a loan.

Tip 8

Get help from a professional

If the main reason to refinance is to save money, then a professional may be able to suggest an alternative loan structure that could serve you better than just looking for the lowest interest rate. 

More Information

For more comprehensive information on home loan refinances request your copy of "Your Guide to Home Loan Refinance".