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Lending Solution

There are many different lending options and ways to structure a loan/ finance.

With such variety of  lending policies across different finance providers, and how individuals use finance in their personal lives and business needs, there may be other options for you to consider.

With accreditations across residential and commercial lenders I am able to provide inhouse management of your  lending needs. I do not just "refer" you to a lender and let them complete the application.

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Home Loans/ Investment  Loans

Buying a property can be exciting and perhaps a little overwhelming at the same time. 

Home loans can add to the confusion and stress. 

You may be asking: 

  • How much deposit do I need?

  • Am I eligible for the first home buyers grant, and how much does that provide?

  • How much can I borrow?

  • What are the loan costs?

  • How long does it take to get an loan approved?

  • What documents do I need to have?

I can help answer these and many more of your questions.

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Commercial Property Loans

Commercial Property purchased as either owner occupied (for your own business use) or as an investment purchase are unique. 


From the type of property, to the nature of the lease income, and the different maximum borrowings lenders allow.


A successful loan application should be supported with a well researched and clearly documented borrower background, and include a proposal for the new property purchase. 


I take the time to prepare well documented and professional submission packs for your lender to assess. I will work with your accountant and/or financial adviser to ensure we have the right information to assist the lender in the approval process.

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SMSF Loans

(Self Managed Superannuation Fund)

Borrowing within a SMSF is more complicated due to required legal structures, and who can provide the necessary sign off on your SMSF investment Strategy for your intended purchase. It also will be more expensive then a purchase outside a SMSF environment.


At Mandala Financial Services we understand SMSF, with our own SMSF Accredited Financial Adviser and SMSF Accredited Mortgage Broker we are able to offer a solution for you.

We realise this is not a simple and quick transaction. We are happy to discuss your SMSF property purchase well before you find the ideal property, and make sure you understand the full purchase and finance costs, and check if  your fund will have the required liquidity, and net settlement levels to suit the various lenders.

We are able to work with you to apply for pre-approval as you start the SMSF property purchase journey to provide more certainty, or assist you if you have already signed a Contract of Sale or made an offer.

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Car & Equipment Finance

If you are shopping for a new asset, and are confused about advertised interest rates, don't worry you are not alone.

Often the pricing offered by dealer is not as transparent as you would expect.

When looking at and comparing finance, make sure you know what the actual total monthly repayment will be. Then you are comparing like with like.

The "special"  interest rate deals offered, may have additional fees and charges included that you did not fully realise. 


Looking at the monthly repayment makes it crystal clear what your total financial obligation will be.


There may be better solutions available - it only takes a phone call to find out. 

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Insurance Premium Funding

To manage your business cashflow you may prefer to spread your insurance payments over several months rather then the annual amount.

Insurance premium funding gets your annual cover paid upfront, and you pay the lender monthly for the number of nominated instalments.    

Funding insurance premiums frees up your working capital.

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Medical Professionals

As a medical professional your business needs are different and so are your business financials.

We have access to many finance companies including Medfin to assist in your business needs.

From premise fit out, to business use motor vehicles and equipment finance, we are experienced in offering solutions.

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Allied Health Providers

Depending on your business modality, you could find that access to a medical specialist finance company may provide a better outcome to your finance needs. 

We have the flexibility to research options for you.