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Loan Support Service Options

You need to feel comfortable with your broker.

To help you work out if the "fit" is right. The first 30 minutes are obligation free.

When you engage our services a Credit Quote will be provided to confirm the fee structure.

[For commercial and SMSF lending assistance pricing is quoted per scenario/ lending need. - Minimum charge $1,100]

Upfront or a Deferred Fee option. 

This fee structure partially covers my time in reviewing lending options for you.

I want sound advice to be affordable, and believe this fee structure is a better solution for you rather then a standard hourly charge rate. Like any professional I have regulatory and business costs that I incur to be able to provide advice regardless if a loan application is lodged or not.

Your mortgage broker only receives a payment from your lender once the loan settles and net of any offset account monies.

(if your loan closes for any reason in the first 12 months most lenders will claim back 100% of any upfront monies paid to your mortgage broker, and generally 50% between months 13 and 24).


When you decide to work with me, you choose which payment structure suits you.

* If your lending scenario is more complicated with additional companies, applicants or securities additional charges will apply. These will be outlined in a credit quote before our services are engaged